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Solar Impulse 2


If you follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Instagram, you would have seen that we are following the journey of the Solar Impulse as it embarks on an around the world journey.


What is the Solar Impulse you ask?


The Solar Impulse is an aircraft with a 72-metre wingspan that weights roughly the same as a car. However, it is no ordinary plane. The difference between the Solar Impulse and a regular aircraft, is that the Solar Impulse is 100% solar powered. The wings are covered in over 17,000 solar cells powering four motors. During daylight hours the cells charge up lithium batteries, which then power the Solar Impulse through the night.


In the coming months the #Si2 will leave Abu Dhabi and commence a flight that will take it across the pacific, touching down on US territory, before crossing the Atlantic. Then, with all things going according to plan, the solar powered aircraft will arrive back to Abu Dhabi a few days later.


It seems that the point of the flight is not necessarily to prove that we should be using solar energy to power planes, but rather it’s more about showing people the capabilities of clean energy. One of the co-founders behind the Solar Impulse, Bertrand Piccard, said “Miracles can be achieved with renewables such as solar power. We want to show we can fly day and night in an aircraft without a drop of fuel”.


We believe that solar energy is an incredible alternative to more traditional sources of energy. It’s pretty amazing to think that the sun not only can power your home, but can also power an aircraft to take a trip around the world. We are passionate about giving people the opportunity to take advantage of the benefits of solar power in their homes. Give us a call or fill out our online contact form if you are interested in learning about what solar power can do for you and your family!

 Israel Vogel.