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Solar panel inspection!

As members of the Clean Energy Council, Australia’s leading renewable energy regulation body, Vogel Solar has access to all the research and information necessary to ensure our solar installations are of the highest standard. One thing we know for sure is that it is very important to schedule a solar panel inspection.


Caring for your solar system doesn’t stop once the system is installed. Just like the family car that needs to be serviced by a professional to ensure it is operating to its maximum potential, your solar system needs regular maintenance. The Clean Energy Council recommends an annual maintenance inspection of residential solar systems. This is to ensure not only that your solar system is operating safely, but also effectively.

It is also good practice to have your solar panels cleaned at least once a year. When panels get covered in leaves, bird droppings or dirt and dust, their ability to convert light to energy can decrease. In order to make sure no damage is inadvertently caused through cleaning attempts, it’s best to leave it to the professionals! 


Time for a solar panel inspection? 


We can perform an Annual Maintenance Inspection for $198.

In conjunction with your Annual Maintenance Inspection, we would recommend having your solar panels professionally cleaned to keep them operating at their peak and converting as much Queensland sunshine into power as possible! We are offering Solar Panel Cleaning for $78 when a Annual Maintenance Inspection is conducted on the premises.

In line with the Clean Energy Council recommendation, we suggest  that both these services should be performed annually to avoid any undetected issues effecting the performance of the mini energy sub-station sitting on your roof!


Give Clodie a call to book in a time for the guys to come out!

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Staying cool and safe this summer!

Whilst, once again, we are all wondering where this year has gone, I’m sure we also share the excited anticipation of the impending Christmas Season, and all the family festivities that ensue.


This is also an important time to be thinking of those in our community who are alone without family around them, or are battling illness at this time, causing sadness or loneliness in what should be a joyful season. We were able to bring a little bit of joy to one such customer of ours recently as she goes into the Christmas season with the task of battling bone cancer. I want to thank you as our loyal supporters for your part in helping Vogel Solar and Electrical grow as a successful business. Your support enables us to reach out to people in need, so Thank YOU!


How’s the heat wave?


How did that 40-degree scorcher here in Brisbane treat you last week? The good news is we now have solar air-conditioning units available! Air-conditioning is one of the largest running costs of Queensland homes. Regularly rising electricity costs have caused air-conditioning in many households to become a luxury. Well, not anymore, thanks to our new Solar Air product!


These units can use as little power as that of a light bulb, during the daylight hours as it draws power from its own solar panels. Just imagine guilt-free air-conditioning! This product is of incredible value to you especially if you own a solar power system that is running on the previous State Government $0.44 Feed-in-Tariff! Call us today for a free quote.


How are you solar panels going?


Solar panel cleaning and maintenance should be high on your agenda every year when Spring and Summer roll around. This is the time of year that you receive the most power from your solar power system, as we enjoy the extra sunlight from the longer days. So you want to ensure that you are getting the most efficiency out of your solar power system.


Safety is the other reason why maintenance is so important! Many of you by now would be aware of a number of Solar DC Isolator models that were withdrawn from the market, under safety recalls. Please see the following link for a list of DC isolator models, as well as photos. Please check this list and call us immediately if you believe that one of these isolators are installed on your house.


Contact us today to perform our 37-point check on your solar power system to see how it measures up against its expected safety and performance standards.


Catch you next month!

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