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Team Vogel at Work in the Community

IMG_2_NOVIMG_5_NOVIMG_3_NovThe many hands of the Vogel Solar team have made this special story possible. Recently we were able to assist a client who is showing great strength whilst battling a serious illness. We will refer to her as Mrs Jones. Mrs Jones was an existing customer of ours, and we have conducted a number of jobs for her in the past.


Mrs Jones recently contacted me requesting to have her gas cooktop exchanged for an electric one, and also her range hood to be replaced. Her request was for the job to be done by the end of the following week, as she had treatment commencing soon.   I discovered that this treatment was chemotherapy. I must add here also that Mrs Jones is from the ‘old school’, she would be about 70-odd and definitely did not ask for anything to be done for her that she couldn’t manage to do herself, as she is quite a capable lady.


So you can see Mrs Jones was not the type of lady to complain or even ask for anything for free. She simply asked for a job to be done and how much it would be, and then she paid it.   After getting to know a bit about Mrs Jones over my last couple of visits, I came to know that she moved to Brisbane from the Sunshine Coast a few years ago to look after a member of her immediate family.   Sadly, that family member passed away, and not long after another immediate family member also passed away.


Mrs Jones was quite alone in Brisbane, living in a place that didn’t really feel like home to her, now facing a serious illness.  I really felt for Mrs Jones in her situation, and so I wanted to give her the whole job for free to really bless her and let her know that she was not alone, that we cared for her and were thinking of her.  The job itself turned out to be far more challenging than initially expected due to the state of the original wiring. Although a typical single storey brick cavity home under 20 years old is usually easy to work on, we had to install a new circuit for the cooktop and also re-run the oven circuit in order to use the oven isolator for the cooktop.


I was there until 8 o’clock at night and Dave was there helping me until a little earlier also – to get these cables in place when the existing ones were fixed in place part way down wall cavities and wrapped around water pipes etc.   Anyway we got it done! And we donated both the cooktop and the range hood – both with extended warranties because if we are going to give something to someone in this type of circumstance we were going to give them the best that we could. I also had Anthony Vogel come along and give me hand.


So I’ve got to say I am so pleased that we were able to do this. Mrs Jones was so happy, and it was a pleasure to be able to help her out at this time. We will continue to look for more opportunities like this in the future to be able to make a difference in our community.


Talk to you soon!


Israel Vogel.