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Are you ready for the Queensland summer?

Like the true Queenslanders that we are, the Vogel team can’t wait for summer. It is hard to believe that it is still almost 2 months away, when here in Brisbane it feels like it has visited a few times already. With the Queensland summer just around the corner it’s time to get your pool into shape, which means balancing those pH’s, shunning the greens and encouraging the crystal blues.

Most Queenslanders don’t realise that the average household swimming pool can contribute up to 25% of the total power bill! This should be enough to encourage homeowners to make the energy efficiency of their home, and particularly their pools and air conditioners, a priority coming in to this summer. The team at Vogel can suggest a myriad of power saving solutions will best suit your home, and save you money.

These solutions vary from adjustments such as connecting specific appliances, like your swimming pool, to cheaper power tariffs, right through to installing a dedicated solar pool pump that runs from sunlight alone instead of relying on electricity.  Alternatively, installing a solar power system to power your whole home may be a more effective solution for your needs. We hope to also have a solar power air conditioner product soon.

As your local solar power and energy efficiencies provider, we exist to make your electricity work harder for you, and cost you less. We are active in our local community, regularly servicing the Brisbane and the surrounding suburbs; Taigum, Boondall, Bracken Ridge, Fitzgibbon, Bridgeman Downs, Aspley, Geebung, Chermside West and McDowall.  Call us today on (07) 3633 0163 to talk about our  “guilt free” cooling options this summer.

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Catch you next month!

Israel Vogel.